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ビデオ案内:Celeste Vanderham of Celestial Great Danes was nice enough to share her time and beautiful Great Danes with Dogumentary TV. The Great Dane is one of the most iconic breeds of the canine world...

Funny Great Dane Complains His Dinner is Late

ビデオ案内:Max the Great Dane has a really good sense of time. Max knows that his dinner is usually served at five o'oclock. Watch and laugh as Max complains that dinner is late, and then enjoys a bite...

10 Funniest Great Dane Videos

ビデオ案内:JOIN THE FUZZIES! NEW VIDS FRIDAYS !! LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE!!! ******************************************* TWITTER:...

Cosmo Pyke - Great Dane

ビデオ案内:Directed by Joshua Osborne Stream/ Buy Great Dane Follow Cosmo:

Here's why you don't mess with a Great Dane's bed

ビデオ案内:Henry's bed is his most prized possession. Check out what happens when his owner tries to sleep there! Hilarious! Source & embed code:

Dogs 101 - Great Dane

ビデオ案内:Dont Own This In Any Way/Shape/Form.

Giant George the Great Dane: World's Tallest Dog an Oprah guest! | Good Morning America | ABC News

ビデオ案内:Giant George the Great Dane the world's tallest dog tackles Facebook and YouTube! Canine boasts 90000 Facebook fans and has also been a guest on "Oprah." SUBSCRIBE for the latest news and...

Jealous Great Dane Dog Throws Tantrum | The Dodo

ビデオ案内:Jealous Great Dane Dog Throws Tantrum | This Great Dane is so jealous of his brother getting pets! Love Animals? Subscribe:

Great Dane - Ultimate Facts

ビデオ案内:The Great Dane has a good disposition, often called a "gentle giant." Charming and affectionate, it is playful and patient with children. It loves everyone and needs to be around people. The...

10 Funniest Great Dane Videos #2

ビデオ案内:JOIN THE FUZZIES! NEW VIDS FRIDAYS !! LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE!!! ******************************************* TWITTER:...

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