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Dogs 101 - English Setter

ビデオ案内:Dogs 101 - English Setter / Dogs 101 English Setter / English Setter Dogs 101.

English Setter Field Tests | Too Cute!

ビデオ案内:The English Setter pups make their way to he front yard to hone their instincts. | For more Too Cute!, visit ...

English Setter - Dog Breed

ビデオ案内:The English Setter is a very old breed (around 400 years ago it began to appear in literature and paintings) that was developed in England. In the beginning of ...

English Setter Puppies - Positive Reinforcement Training - 12 26 15

ビデオ案内:Six Week Old English Setter Puppies Trained with Clicker Methodology and Placement Orientation - The Goal Is To Train Focus, Staying in Position (length of ...

English Setter Singing

ビデオ案内:Otis, our English Setter squeaking his toy and singing. He is about 11 months here. Does this at least once a day.

The Discipline of the English Setter

ビデオ案内:Jagger, a ten year old English Setter, "stalks" a grey squirrel. Look at about the 1:05 mark for the squirrel sitting on top of a rock in the middle of the screen.

2014 Pheasant hunt with english setters

ビデオ案内:Join Steve and brothers Brit and Alex hunting upland game in the Mountains of Franklin County Pennsylvania with there 2 English Setters ''Will and Hooble''.

English Setter Trainer part.2

ビデオ案内:Int.ch.Raeben's Quest For Camelot.CGC aka Quest, It was warm out and Quest just didnt want to work with me all too well, also its been 4 months sense I worked ...

Polite English Setter wants more steak

ビデオ案内:Finnegan wants more steak gristle.

Grooming the Show Style English Setter with Irina 'Pina' Pinkusevich

ビデオ案内:Watch the Full Video at http://www.Learn2GroomDogs.com Here is a small preview from a full grooming lesson you are going to see on Learn2GroomDogs.com.

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